When you are interested in the development of CPAN6, you are invited to take part in the developing community.

CPAN6 is a big project, which cannot be created purely on voluntary basis. On the moment, we are looking for various kinds of contributions.

Financial contributions

  • the foundation Stichting NLnet contributes 30k€ to support the initial development of code and user community;
  • the German Perl Mongers contributed 300€ to show their support;
  • we are actively looking additional contributions: either some financial support, or from experienced Open Source developers in man-power. The latter is preferred: mail us for a list of tasks;

Knowledge contributions

  • we are actively seeking knowledge on the development of trust and license algorithms;
  • contact has been established with the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) to come to the required license database.

Promotional activities

  • user-interface prototypes are under development. When ready, potential developer communities will be contacted. We hope for invitations to give talks. | Mark Overmeer | 2010-01-21