CPAN6 helps you collecting, on your own or with a group of people. Sharing across networks between a diversity of systems.

  • CPAN6 collects any kind of data: software, publications, photos, ...grouped into archives;
  • it helps you maintain these archives;
  • it defines how the archives interchange information;
  • it adds trust in the authenticity of the publisher and security during transport, using (optional) crypto-signatures; and
  • it keeps track on license and copyright issues.

Each collection is kept in a separate archive. CPAN6 handles bundles of archives, and has as no equivalent as we know of. The Pause6 component is a generally applicable archive maintainer, which can be configured to be forgiving, or apply very restrictive business rules.

CPAN6 and Perl(6)?

CPAN6 started off to become the follow-up of CPAN, Perl5's module archive. Please note that CPAN is the only archive for Perl5. CPAN6 may get used as archive for Perl6 or other Parrot related language modules, but there are no realistic plans for that: CPAN6 is not even usable on the moment (as is Perl6).


CPAN6 is under heavy development. The design is mainly stable, defined as XML schemata (although it may be implemented in other formats than XML, like JSON or YAML).

The implementation is relatively simple once powerful sub-components are ready. Most effort is spent to produce general purpose modules of sufficient quality. The first release of the CPAN6/Pause6 modules is planned for April 2010. | Mark Overmeer | 2010-01-21